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Regular Council Agenda


Regular Council Agenda

    Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6 p.m. 

    Meeting called to order

    Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

    Approval of March 6th Regular Council Meeting Minutes

    Approval of Bills

    Boards & Commissions
    Park Board minutes from March 15th

    Council Committee Reports
    Water/Sewer minutes from March 13th

    Administrator’s Report

    Solicitor’s Report

    • Third reading of Ordinance 2017-05 by caption only to establish a new Chapter 909 regarding sidewalks
    • Second reading of Ordinance 2017-07 directing Defiance of Board of Elections to submit ballot question authorizing additional fire levy
    • First reading of Ordinance 2017-08 repealing Section 343.13 regarding use of bicycles and other devices on certain sidewalks in the village
    • First reading of Ordinance 2017-09 amending Section 921.01 (performance bond amount for curb and road excavation)
    • First reading of Ordinance 2017-10 amending Section 921.03 to increase sewer minimum charge and declaring an emergency
    • First reading of Ordinance 2017-11 amending Section 925.02 revising water rates
      First reading of Resolution 2017-05 by caption only authorizing filing a Nature Works grant application and declaring an emergency
    • First reading of Resolution 2017-06 by caption only authorizing the Village to enter an agreement with WPCLF for planning/design & construction of a wastewater project
    • Other: update on contract with Sherwood to collect their income tax

    Department Heads
    Police Chief
    Fire Chief
    EMS Chief
    Park Director

    Fiscal Officer’s Report
    Cash MTD/YTD Report
    January and February Mediacom Franchise Fee Reports
    Health Fair at CMH April 17-22 (employees?)

    Mayor’s Report –

    Adjourn -